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Making Your Party SQUIRREL



Children's Party

While this might start off as sounding like a nag, I hope that you will also find it will help you if you are running your own children’s party.

At the heart of what I do is one simple aim…

That is to offer my clients the Very Best Service I Can.

With that in mind, I want you to feel that you have received Great Value For Money.

That the Children feel that they have Had A Great Time.

And that your guests feel that You Got It Right!

To achieve my aim, I ask you to look out for any possible distractions.

Distractions grab the children’s attention when I’m presenting a Magic Show or Running A Party. And if there are too many distractions, they can spoil your party. So here are some things to look out for.


I’ve mentioned this before, but children love to play football and rugby with balloons. They also like to burst them! If I’m presenting a Magic Show, I will ask for the balloons to be moved to the back of the room until after the show.

Maybe keep the balloons up on the walls until the end of the party and give them out at the home time.


Sometimes, helium filled balloons are tied to the children’s hands. When the children run around the balloons drag behind and the strings tangle or become a choking hazard. Please, please, please don’t let any grown-ups tie balloons to the children at the party.


Imagine this choice, cake or magician? You know what a child is going to prefer. Cake wins every time!

Please can I ask that the party food and drinks are kept out of reach until after the Magic Show or in a Two Hour Party, until the mid-party break. On very hot days, it’s a very good idea for the children to have a quick drink before the Magic Show. And for After School Parties, have a drink and biscuit ready for the children when they arrive.

This might make me sound like a real meanie, but please make sure the other children’s parents keep to the rule.


If you are holding your party in your home or garden, or if the venue you are using has a Pre-School, there might be play equipment or toys in the corner of the room. Please keep these tucked away or covered up. Some children, especially if they are younger, will find them irresistible.


At the risk of being very, very controversial, I would say that Grown-Ups can be the biggest distraction at your Children’s Party.

They do like to talk while the Magic Show is going on and as I raise the volume of my sound equipment to be heard, they raise the volume of their conversation. As a result, the children struggle to hear me and therefore their attention can start to wander.  At the beginning of the Magic Show, I will politely ask the grown-ups to not talk through the show.  Maybe you can help me by gently reminding any talkers so keep the noise down.

Another thing that can help me, is to put grown-ups’ chairs across the room, facing where I will be performing the Magic Show. They tend to talk less and watch the show (which is entertaining for them too!)


Toddlers are very sweet and can be quite comical when they wander around. I would love to know what they are thinking when they explore new places. They can be quite a distraction. To be honest, this isn’t my worry about Little Dots. My concern is that I have a lot of cables, heavy equipment and I do jump around a lot! If there are any younger siblings at your party, please can you keep them safe.

That’s my list of distractions. As a Professional Entertainer with a lot of experience, I can deal with them and I will still do everything I can to overcome them and provide the Best Service I Can.

I’m sorry if it sounded like nagging, but if you are running your own party, take these into account and you might have an easier time of it.



There’s Only One Mister Tall!

Mister Tall Late Booking

I’m writing this one week into November and at the time of writing, there are many people enquiring for Christmas Magic Shows and Christmas Children’s Parties. Unfortunately, a lot of them are finding that I am not available on their dates. They have left it too late.

So I thought I’d write with a possible answer to the question –

When Do I Book a Children’s Entertainer?

Can I book the day before my party?

Unfortunately, people sometimes get let down at the last minute by the entertainer they have booked, and they then ring around looking for somebody to help them out. If you only have a day’s notice, you will be very lucky to find somebody good available. So it could be a case of just getting someone to bale you out. One thing to consider when trying to book for the next day, is that many Children’s Entertainers are ‘suspicious’ of such a late booking. Therefore it is important that you can prove you are genuine in your enquiry.

By the way, to reduce the chances of being let down, ALWAYS choose an Entertainer who will provide written confirmation of the booking and who has a good reputation.

Can I book one or two weeks before my party?

Depending on the time of year and how flexible you can be with your event’s timing, you might be able to book the Children’s Entertainer you want for your party. Throughout the year, there are many busy periods. Obviously Christmas and Halloween are busy, but sometimes there is no obvious explanation for it. If you only have a fixed time for your party, the entertainer you want may already be booked, so you would need to change your time to get them.

If you aren’t looking for anyone in particular, then contact an agency and they might have a Children’s Entertainer available.

How about a month before, will that be okay?

Again it does depend on the time of year. There are some weekends in December that will be in high demand and on these weekends, I am booked up months in advance. If you are booking one month before your Children’s Party, try to be flexible with your times. Be prepared for either a morning or afternoon slot, or switching to a different day. Then you are likely to be able to book the Children’s Entertainer you want.

Again, if you don’t mind who you have, then an agency will get you someone.

So really, you’re saying I should book at least six weeks before?

Basically Yes. The thing is, there is only one Mister Tall. When you think that there are just two, two hour party slots (11.00 to 1.00 and 3.00 to 5.00) per day at a weekend, you can see why it is easy for me to be booked up early. So what I’m suggesting is that if you really do want me, or another specific children’s entertainer, at the time you prefer, you should book as soon as possible. If you leave it – it might be too late. For instance, there are some Christmas Party Organisers, who book me for the following year, immediately after their party. So really what I’m saying is…

Don’t Delay! Book Today!

Garden Party?

Summer is on its way and with it comes the image of Birthday Parties in the sun!

Personally, I’m quite happy to perform outside. I can do a Magic Show or run your whole party with Music, Magic and Games. All I would like is a dry area for my equipment to stand on (wet grass isn’t great for electrical equipment).

The only thing I would say about having your party in your garden is….


If it’s sunny and warm, make sure that there is cover. A gazebo is great for keeping them in the shade.

If it’s windy, make sure everything is weighed down!

And if it’s likely to rain, make space indoors instead.