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Finding The Right Entertainer For You



Booking a Children’s Entertainer can cost a lot of money. So how can you be sure that you are spending yours on the right one? By the end of this blog you will know How To Choose The Most Suitable Children’s Entertainer For Your Event. But before you skip to the last bit, read about the ways you could be caught out.

A few years ago, there was only one source of reference for finding a Clown, Magician or Party Entertainer. It was the Yellow Pages. This directory was The Place to look – and it wasn’t easy to advertise in it. You could get a free line, but nobody would see you or you could pay for an advert. This was expensive, a small box would cost hundreds of pounds. This cost deterred ‘fly by night’ Entertainers. Only committed Entertainers would commit to an advert. In fact, you weren’t considered a ‘real’ Entertainer unless you had an advert in the Yellow Pages.

These days it is not only very easy to become a Children’s Entertainer, it is incredibly easy to set up a free, attractive website and give a false impression of professionalism. So how can you see through the pretence and avoid being stung?


When you look at an Entertainer’s website, Can You See Any Photographs? There is a trend for Kids’ Entertainers to use cartoons or caricatures in their promotional material. This is fine, but quite often the image looks nothing like the real thing. If you can’t see any photographs of the Entertainer – Ask yourself why? Would you buy a mobile phone from looking at a cartoon? Probably not, so make sure you have seen what the Entertainer really looks like.


When you see a photograph, How Old Is It? One disadvantage of websites is that it can be difficult to update the images. It is possible that the photograph is many years old and the Entertainer has aged dramatically. There are many youthful looking Entertainers who look a lot greyer and wrinklier in reality! One way to see more recent photos would be to check their Facebook page. This might have more recent images and therefore you can be happier in making your decision. If there are no photographs there, then be really worried!


So you like the look of a particular Children’s Entertainer and you’re now looking for something that will tell you about How Good They Are or How Other Parents Rated Them. You are likely to find lots of Claims, Quotes & Reviews on their Website, Facebook page or Netmums Advert.  But can you trust these? If a Shop or Product makes a claim, by law, it must be provable. However in the case of Entertainers, this isn’t so. Unfortunately, this means that there are some Entertainers who may make false claims. Therefore it is best to consider their claims and ask yourself if they are reasonable and possible. Then either dismiss them or ask for proof. The same could be said for any Celebrity Quotes. Ask for proof and if there is any hesitation in the Entertainer’s reply, then it probably didn’t happen. Finally in this section, I come to Reviews or Testimonials. With experience of internet shopping, it is common practise to check out the reviews of a product before buying. There will generally be a mix of good and bad, and from this you will be able to decide if the product is right for you. When looking at an Entertainer’s reviews, bear this in mind – There will rarely be any bad ones. Why? It is because if somebody posts a negative review on Facebook or Netmums, it can be removed. So when you look through the good reviews, be aware that like the Claims and the Quotes, these might be fictitious. Unfortunately, it is too easy for Entertainers to make up their own review. So to check if they are real, check the people who made the ‘review’, have they made other contributions to the review site? Do they have real history? Are they related to the Entertainer? And do the reviews all say the same thing? To sum up, I’m really saying that your decision shouldn’t be based on their reviews alone.


Is There A Video Of The Entertainer? This can be a good thing to help you choose. Look on Facebook or Youtube and see if there is any footage or show reel of the Entertainer in action. It doesn’t have to be their show, but it should be video and not just a montage of photos. This will let you see and hear them and will give you a better idea of whether you like them or not. Like I said before, if there are only cartoon images or no images of the Entertainer, be very worried!


I’m nearly there, we’re very close to finding out the best way to choose an Entertainer and this is the second best way. Recommendation! If your friends or a member of your family has used an Entertainer, they will give you the most honest review ever. They will tell you if they were bad, boring or brilliant! They will also let you know whether or not you should also use them. Just a thing, if they do say that the Entertainer was ‘bad’, ask them why? This information might give you pointers to help you choose.

“DAH DAH DAH” (That’s supposed to be a trumpet fanfare!)

So here it is… The best way To Choose The Most Suitable Children’s Entertainer For Your Event. Book an Entertainer you have already seen. It sounds obvious really, but it is the best way. You will have seen their show, their appearance and their behaviour. You will know exactly what they look like and you will know if you like their act. And this is why it is the best way.

So to finish, what I’m saying is when you are booking someone for your Children’s Party, use as much care as you would when making a large purchase. And if you choose carefully and make the right choice, your child will be the happiest boy or girl in the world!

I hope you have found this blog helpful. If so, please share it with your friends on Facebook etc and feel free to add any comments.