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A Christmas Party is A Christmas Party


Just a few words about Birthday Parties in December

If your Child’s Birthday falls in December, there is a very good chance that they will get Birthday/Christmas presents. You know, one present which covers the two occasions. And sometimes, it seems a bit unfair that the Birthday Boy or Girl’s special day is overshadowed by the 25th of December.

So I would like to make it known that when you book me for a Birthday Party in December, your Children’s Party will not have Christmas Music, or Christmas Magic Tricks and I won’t be dressed as a Christmas Character.

Their Special Day will  be their Special Day – Not a Christmas Leftover!




There’s Only One Mister Tall!

Mister Tall Late Booking

I’m writing this one week into November and at the time of writing, there are many people enquiring for Christmas Magic Shows and Christmas Children’s Parties. Unfortunately, a lot of them are finding that I am not available on their dates. They have left it too late.

So I thought I’d write with a possible answer to the question –

When Do I Book a Children’s Entertainer?

Can I book the day before my party?

Unfortunately, people sometimes get let down at the last minute by the entertainer they have booked, and they then ring around looking for somebody to help them out. If you only have a day’s notice, you will be very lucky to find somebody good available. So it could be a case of just getting someone to bale you out. One thing to consider when trying to book for the next day, is that many Children’s Entertainers are ‘suspicious’ of such a late booking. Therefore it is important that you can prove you are genuine in your enquiry.

By the way, to reduce the chances of being let down, ALWAYS choose an Entertainer who will provide written confirmation of the booking and who has a good reputation.

Can I book one or two weeks before my party?

Depending on the time of year and how flexible you can be with your event’s timing, you might be able to book the Children’s Entertainer you want for your party. Throughout the year, there are many busy periods. Obviously Christmas and Halloween are busy, but sometimes there is no obvious explanation for it. If you only have a fixed time for your party, the entertainer you want may already be booked, so you would need to change your time to get them.

If you aren’t looking for anyone in particular, then contact an agency and they might have a Children’s Entertainer available.

How about a month before, will that be okay?

Again it does depend on the time of year. There are some weekends in December that will be in high demand and on these weekends, I am booked up months in advance. If you are booking one month before your Children’s Party, try to be flexible with your times. Be prepared for either a morning or afternoon slot, or switching to a different day. Then you are likely to be able to book the Children’s Entertainer you want.

Again, if you don’t mind who you have, then an agency will get you someone.

So really, you’re saying I should book at least six weeks before?

Basically Yes. The thing is, there is only one Mister Tall. When you think that there are just two, two hour party slots (11.00 to 1.00 and 3.00 to 5.00) per day at a weekend, you can see why it is easy for me to be booked up early. So what I’m suggesting is that if you really do want me, or another specific children’s entertainer, at the time you prefer, you should book as soon as possible. If you leave it – it might be too late. For instance, there are some Christmas Party Organisers, who book me for the following year, immediately after their party. So really what I’m saying is…

Don’t Delay! Book Today!