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A Halloween Music Top Ten?

Hampshire Halloween Magician, Count Von Tall Halloween Magic

It’s nearly Halloween! You can tell because the shops are full of Scary Fancy Dress Costumes and big bags of sweets.

So I thought I would share with you, my top ten Halloween songs. Now before I reveal them, I’m not saying that these are the best Halloween songs, but they are the ones I would play at Children’s Halloween Parties. So you won’t see any Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden or Slipknot tracks. (But to be honest I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to play AC/DC’s Highway To Hell.)

I’m going to put them in reverse order and offer a brief explanation about why I think they’re good.

No 10 – Witch Doctor by either The Cartoons or Alvin & The Chipmunks.

Any song that has “Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang” in it has to be worth a mention. It’s not a spooky song and so is only included in my Halloween list because of the word Witch. It’s got a good beat to it, so children can dance and jump around.

No 9 – The Addams Family Theme Song

Most kids probably haven’t actually heard of The Addams Family, so it’s a grown-up’s duty to educate them! It’s a cool song, funny lyrics and you can practise clicking your fingers.

No 8 – The Munsters Theme Song

Really it’s the same as Number 9, who are the Munsters???? But it is a groovy sixties tune, full of surf guitar and stuff. It’s perfect to use as background music while the little ones are playing a spooky game.

No 7 – Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell

Yes, it’s from the Eighties and it’s got Michael Jackson going ‘Hey hey’ in the background. But it’s easy to dance to and fast enough to keep the kids going. One thing about these songs is that they are all fairly old, so Halloween is a great time to blow the cobwebs off of them.

No 6 – Amityville by Lovebug Starski

Notice I’ve said by Lovebug Starski, NOT Eminem. That’s a completely different song and might raise a few eyebrows if you played it for children. This has wailing, howling, monsters and funny lyrics and can be danced to. It is quite a long song, so you might want to cut it short.

 No 5 – She Wolf by Shakira

It’s got the word ‘Wolf’. It has howling. And you can sing along to the chorus. Surely it’s right for Halloween. You can also do a sort of wolf dance to it. I won’t show you, you can do your own thing!

No 4 – Monster Mash by Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt Kickers

This came out in 1962!!! It’s obviously a Halloween anthem. It’s always going to be played. I’ve put it quite high in my top ten, but I did ‘Um and Ah’ about it. Why? Well it is very slow, so it’s not a great song to get the kids dancing.

No 3 – Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr

When the new Ghostbuster film comes out, they’ll probably have a different theme, but for now, children are familiar with this song. They know it enough to enjoy shouting “Ghostbusters!” at the right time and do dance along to it.

No 2 – Monster by The Automatic

This is bouncy, so all the children will be jumping up and down. And they’re definitely going to be asking “What’s That Coming Over The Hill? Is It A Monster?”

So here it is my number one Halloween song…

No 1 – Let It Go by Idina Menzel

Obviously this is the most scariest song ever! Oh alright, here’s the real number one…

No 1 – Thriller by Michael Jackson

Well that’s no surprise is it? But it is simply the best Halloween song ever. As soon as the Creaking door opens and the footsteps start everyone knows the song. You can get the children to do zombie dancing and to sing the chorus. You might even see some of the kids doing Michael Jackson moves.

So that’s my Top Ten Halloween Tunes. In case you’re wondering, Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show was at number eleven.

So as the end of October approaches, my Halloween character – Count Von Tall will be out of his coffin and making children and families laugh around the South Coast.

Fangs for reading!