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Have A Safe Party

This is a sensible message from a man who makes everybody laugh!

I honestly couldn’t tell how many birthday parties I have been to – definitely thousands. And each one has had a birthday cake. And luckily, apart from the birthday child spitting on the cake, I haven’t seen anything bad happen. But there is a risk of an accident happening and that’s why I’m writing this.

It’s not so much the cake, but the candles on it. When children go to blow them out, they lean in and over the candles. If the child has long hair, or if they have a costume that is loose and hangs down, they could be putting themselves at risk. The flame of the candle can cause the hair or costume to catch alight and (in the worst-case scenario) the child could end up with an injury.

When it’s time to blow the candles out, keep the cake up from the child. You could hold it so they can’t lean over. Or if it’s on a table, keep the child seated so they are on the same level. If you only have a low table for the cake, be sure to keep the child’s hair and costume back, or be ready to hold the child back, or have a huge big bucket of water, ready to throw over them!