Is There A Space?

How Close Can You Get To Your Party Venue?


When choosing a venue for your Children’s Birthday Party, it is worth considering the venue’s parking situation. Believe it or not, there are a number of Halls and Community Centres which have limited parking or none at all outside the venue. Many City Centre venues have parking restrictions in their street, some allow parking for very short periods, others allow just unloading and there are even some where No Stopping is permitted! This isn’t just a City problem, there are Village Halls which do offer parking, but not close to the building itself!

So why is this a problem?

A lack of parking causes inconvenience to everyone involved with the party…


It is most likely that you are going to bring in decorations for the Hall, you are going to carry in food and drink (including the cake) and you are definitely going to take your children in. If the nearest parking space is fifty yards down the road, these errands become chores. Especially if it starts to rain! If you have to park across the road from the Hall, you then need to make sure your children are safe crossing it.

In other words, because of a lack of parking, you have additional ‘Party Stress’!


Sometimes the party venue is not within walking distance and therefore they will travel by car. A lack of parking spaces can result in your guests arriving late. I know of many areas in town where the nearest parking space will be streets away from the venue. Again this is a much greater problem in bad weather! It is possible that parents, who have experienced this before, will decide that they are not going to take their son or daughter to your child’s party because of it.


When you sign the Confirmation Contract, one of the Conditions you are agreeing to is that ‘Parking is made next to the venue’. This is not because I am a Diva! It is because I generally have a lot of equipment to bring in. This is valuable, not waterproof and is essential for me to do a good job for you. To unload at the venue and then go and find a space is not an option. This could mean that my equipment is unattended and at risk, but is most likely to mean that I would not be able to start the booking on time. If your guests have been going round and round looking for a space, so will I. Unfortunately, there are a few venues that I do not perform at because of the lack of parking spaces.

So when selecting the venue, choose one with allocated parking spaces. Ideally these spaces are fairly close to the entrance. There are some Halls which have a parking space right next to the door, but this space has a locked gate across it. If this is the case, ask the Caretaker for the gate to be unlocked.

Some will oblige, and unfortunately some will not. But it is worth asking.

If the venue has no spaces, then choose another location, you’ll be surprised how many different venues will be close by.

And you’ll be happier without the additional stress!