About Mister Tall

Here’s My Story

I’m Sean Lobban and I’m based in Portsmouth.

A long time ago, well in 1993, I decided that I wanted to do something for my daughter’s birthday party.

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The Amazing Mister Tall

So, what I did was create a clown called Milko! Because Milko had full face paint, I used to say to my daughters that I had to go work and would miss their birthday party. I would then get in my car, drive round the corner, park up and sneak back into my house, creep upstairs and change into the clown disguise. And finally sneak back out, ring the doorbell and Milko had arrived! When the party finished, you guessed it, I would wave goodbye as Milko… wait for the kids to go back in, then sneak back indoors and change back.

Having snuck out and drove my car back round the corner, I would rush in and be so sorry that I missed the party! Well the girls never guessed that it was their dad and always asked for Milko at their parties (and probably thought that their dad was horrible for never being there!)

Turning Professional

Anyway, in 1998, Milko appeared on BBC TV and the girls finally found out the truth. After my performance, people said that I should do this professionally, and so I did.

On Telly With Dick & Dom

On Telly With Dick & Dom

Well, what a lot has happened since then! From being a Party Clown for my daughter’s Birthday, I’ve developed into one of Hampshire’s leading Children’s Entertainers.

I’ve had over 2000 bookings and am now a member of The Magic Circle and I’ve appeared on telly a few more times.

I’ve performed at parties, weddings, christenings, holiday camps, theatres, and major events all around the country. I’ve had bookings in Belfast, Dublin, the Arab Emirates, Oman, Perth Western Australia and even on P&O’s prestigious cruise ship, MV Ventura. I’ve won awards and have established a reputation for being a quality Children’s Entertainer that gives the best service possible!



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